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The Vision

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Wild Outdoor Taxidermy is in LOVE with the Outdoors first and foremost. Hi, my name is Neal. I have been an avid hunter/fisherman for well over 35 years. Over the years, I have used several taxidermists in the past to preserve my trophies to capture that special moment. Now, being a certified taxidermist, I look over those mounts with a newly developed critical eye. As part of being certified, I have spent 8 weeks of rigorous training with a certified instructor. He helped me in learning all of the critiques judges have when looking at the mount. Several requirements are in place to make sure it is as lifelike as possible. I left that class with over 9 different animals. I now have a studio showcasing my work and encourage you to come out and see my work. We encourage you to visit us and other taxidermists in your area before making a decision on price alone. You deserve only the BEST for your trophy and we will make sure that happens here! If your mount does not look “real”, it will not leave my shop.

How are we different?:

- Shop has the environmental controls necessary for a clean, fresh and properly cured mount.

                - Ozone ran nightly ( this removes any viruses, bacteria and smells that improve the drying                          process).

                - Dehumidifiers used to control the humidity for the best drying environment.

                - Humidifiers used also to control the humidity.

                - AC and Heat used in shop to control temperatures.

                - Certified Taxidermist (trained by the professionals)

                - Avid hunter/fisherman for over 35 years. Familiar with

                  many specimens.